Abstraction in Grayish White

Sunday, January 19, 2020 § 0

Fiction by 
David W Detrich

the whiteness of the page conveys the creamy milk white textures of flavor signified in the white brush strokes of coffee aromas reflected in the gray lightwaves of cloud formations blue tinted with charcoal whisps of birds in flight above the greenish black branches of graphite determinacy which emphasize the fineness of the line perceived in the sublime emotions of the strings you paint the light descending from the aura of gray clouds into abstract forms resembling two eyes with the austerity of gray colors expressing the inner being of the subjective mind in tonalities of apple green in relation to the mysticism of cloud gray brushwork gestures you appear as textures of grayish white on the canvas which signifies the literary aspirations of the painter/poet

David W Detrich lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he is revising a long Surrealist novel called Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography. He edits Innovative Fiction Magazine and Surrealist Star Clustered Illuminations. His first novel Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights (2001) is available at Amazon.com.