The Personification of Narrative Self Flirting with the Figure in Red Garters by David Detrich

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Fiction by
David Detrich
"The innovative novel evolves as a summarization of narrative techniques found in the works of Maurice Roche, author of the C and the M series novels, where the white space of the page is enhanced with the visuality of typographic design that begins the trend of semiotic meditations on archeological themes,' the professor in gray tweed jacket considers the holographic image which appears in the tree adjacent to the sidewalk portraying the fourchamberedheart * goldenchalice * medievalman standing erect in the sunlight which is seen through the multidimensional layers of tree bark, as a lady's hand reaches out to the well formed image. 

th e he ar t wo rn o n t he sl ee ve

"The glossy surface of black ink contrasts with the mirrored pages in semantic echos of sentence structures which convey the voice of the narrator, who envisions the image of a woman on her knees gathering a white liquid in a small cup. The essence of love is splashed across the smile of the morning sky while Venus ascends above the nearby stars," the gentleman in black velvet jacket sits at his desk with the ambient trance of hot cocoa moods blown by the winter winds across the glazed dark green coffee cup with a glossy surface which transforms into a minimalist avant garde text with white mini-marshmallow rock formations metamorphosizing into blue tinted snowdrifts. The abstract personification of narrative self painted with black charcoal textures flirts with the lady in red garters, whose full breasts curve through the lingerie with the cream white textures signifying bliss, as the lyrics of St. Stephen are heard: one man gathers what another man spills.

"The gentleman in black velvet jacket, whose electronic circuitry is attuned to the synchronicity of the moment in the hierarchical scheme of things, listens to the Phil Lesh bass lines which express subtle painted rhythmic textures in broad brush strokes inspiring the falcon headed novelistThat's me, babewho admires the double breasted curves of the supermodel bursting with love. Champagne bubbles sparkle with the golden glitter of earrings, as the topless mermaid blows a kiss towards the mountainous square shouldered gentleman, who is reflected in the golden light of the candle flame before an open window reflection mesmerized by snow crystals falling on the raspberry chocolate mousse. The male mold morphs into the metallic golden square of his photogenic identity in a relationship with the lotus flower petalled figurative characterization of love with the sweetness of caramelespresso * sleekthighs * wingsfluttering above the pillow patterns of the erotic phantasy. 

The nymphomania of the figure in red garters is appreciated by the personification of narrative self, who makes a toastBottoms up, babeas the crack of light from the window descends at an angle perpendicular to the black charcoal shades of the literary gentleman, who has tossed his black velvet jacket to the side with a sense of imminent nonchalance. The angelic figure blows out the candle flame while making a date with the erect persona of the gentleman, giving an audible kiss to the green apple tree branched form of the sublime storyteller mirage. The soothing syllogism intensified by your sensual motion satisfies the symbolic abstract form of the paralellepiped gentleman, as the personification of narrative self expresses admiration for the elegant sex star, whose sleek thighs in stockings inspire his red Valentine heart. 

"Whale watching with wizardry whirling wishes the panting breath of the wash of color which transforms into the white pages of Out, a book of white vaporous mist read before the windows while the whimsical wordsman withdraws into self," I recite novelistic passages to the wind in the cool Superior breeze, while the lady of vanity fair breathes smoke rings into the  whirlwinds of wonder which create a wash of whitish gray whale spouts tinted with cadmium blue. An airplane ascends above the city towards Robert Delaunay cloud formations.

"The better to appreciate the brilliant mind of effervescent bubbles bursting into the brush strokes of subtle illusory whitish gray blue clouds signified by the canvas textures that are focused in the circular beams of the gallery lighting, I hope to bring love to the situation with my novelistic techniques when I notice your golden bangles stratagem of earrings which sway in the natural green atmospherics of the red brick architectonic structures," the figurative drawing of a dinosaur lady wearing a fluffy white Santa Claus tiara below the green apple tree branches into rounded green abstract leaf symmetries of infinity, where the ancient map cartography of the western states appears in the anamorphic visibility of the intricate winterscape. 

"The head of a cow is visible in the green spring grass positioned under a bow symbol curving upwards which signifies the conceptual form of Laurentia appearing as a precise foreshadowing of the Great Lakes, with the shaded areas to be filled in by the chalk blue waters of topographical symmetry," the history of America appears in a series of ancient map images with the cow giving us milk to drink, and the bow representing the way of the hunter. The professor in gray tweed jacket considers the history of American literature going back to the wooly mamouth which creates an archeology of consciousness.

"The gentleman in black velvet jacket has begun a fictive relationship with several novelists, whose works are converging on the narrative line of Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography, which is creating a feeling of mutual admiration and love for our fellow writers, with numerous intertextual allusions generating a metatext for the innovative novel, meaning a text-of-all-texts, a novel-of-all-novels," the professor in gray tweed jacket has an awareness of the larger scheme of things, as I tune in to his lectures which consider the postmodern, metafiction, and the new ultra simple fiction.

The abstract curves shudder in the blue white snowdrifts of the winter nightfall with the cute gesture of a kissThat's you, Babethe pencil lines drawn in with love by the magnifying the light of the lens. Love ya, babe, bursting with smiles reflected in a candle flame blown out with a light feminine breath diminishing in the ultrablue * auraglow * snowstorm after a date which transforms into cream white oil paint colors flowing into the story.

"The manuscript of the monumental innovative novel becomes the wood block embellishment of poetic prose perceived in the vaporous white oceanic mists, as the gentleman in black western shirt with a symmetrical pattern of white longhorn skulls, Doves-on-the-Wind, whistles to the birds from the front porch awakening to the northern perspective of the morning star with Venus on the horizon above the ink black treeline," a dove makes the soulful sound of an Indian flute in response to the whistling sound, while a few grayish white birds with black designer feathers ascend from the green apple tree towards the 60's rock star persona with the psychedelic stereopanning * phaseshifting * lightshowpulsating drums tripping into the first person future perfect. 

I admire the brunette in red garters whose sleek thighs inspire the arcane red heart of the figurative gentleman in the abstract composition of red brick Ann Arbor window reflections, where a few months spent at the Creative Writing workshop nearby, where a chapter or two of the novel was written at Sweetwaters, a monumental innovative novel designed with a horizontal format, inspired by the reading of Zettels Traum at the university library where the second story windows look out on the fall landscape. In the creative writing workshop the gentleman works on a novel composed of an intricate plot structure with numerous characters making cameo appearances along the way. The chapter begins with a Surrealist pipedream metamorphosizing into a photogenic nude which could be drawn as a complex oil painting, a figure whose titillations become a warm affectionate California hug when the gentleman in black velvet jacket returns to the west coast.

The narrative continues with love as the narrator in black and tan western shirt shudders in the curves of goldensquare * lingeriefantasy * textcolumns which evolve into futuristic floating islands of chocolate raspberry mousse in the rhythmic ambiance of Cecil Taylor jazz, blowing the whistle on invasive perspectives with a subtle confession of domestic mischief making.

"The new design for the World Trade Towers reflects light as a Surrealist illusion, similar to a René Magritte painting shaved close to the mirrored sunlight where the four chapters of diamond light are envisioned as a family of metallic objects gathered near the green paradise of a park with miniature swimming pools for the topless mermaids. The narrow cylindrical form pierces through the lightwaves of Manhattan skyline with the attractive model fitting snugly in the groove. The glass towers reflect the images of clouds transforming into the sentence structures of the innovative novel, speaking to us in parables," the professor in tweed jacket shows a photograph of the new towers which reveal a subtle illusory mirroring effect, while looking like a shaver abstracted into metallic elegance.

"The towers speak to us, as Empty Fox would say in the novel Out by Ronald Sukenick, exemplifying the spiritual nature of woman, who exists as a modernist allegory of the towers positioned within the urban green environment, so that the innovative novel can partake of the ultramodernist trend of architectural Surrealist illusion which signifies a simplification of structure into a meaningful curves and lines which highlight the visuality of the self-reflexive design," the professor in tweed jacket shows a slide of the new World Trade Towers with the tall glass reflective design. The student with long flowing brown hair smiles in agreement with the professor's exegesis. He next shows a picture of the cover of Out with the pattern of decreasing sentence structure.

"The innovative novel has become a museum piece since the enlightenment of the 70s when a new spirit of freedom developed into the collective consciousness of a generation, to the present 21st Century perspective in which we have seen the novel evolve each decade with an increase in linguistic sophistication and creativity in page design," the professor in tweed jacket continues with a slide of a page from Circus by Maurice Roche.

"From the dinosaur age to the time of the green Mu stones, the human experience is told as a narrative which speaks to us of the love between man and woman which perpetuates the historicity of the novel, as a means of describing the events which make up the totality of a life," the professor in tweed jacket shows the slide of the dinosaur museum with the white structures of skeletons creating the impression of exotic species, some with almost human expressions, as if to exemplify eccentric moods of humor or defiance. 

The stereo headphones panning the sounds of electric guitar from left to right converging on the center, where the Grateful Dead psychedelic moods evolve into the ultra beat with the perfect emphasis bringing the music to a peak of intensity with the inner emotions synchronized in motion with the novelist at work, who is studying a Surrealist painting with vivid colors and human forms emerging from the hidden brush strokes.

"A superior morality is found human rights and dignity for those who let the spirit of love prevail on Christmas day, when we get together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of someone who showed a reasonable attitude toward law, and prophesized of a future in which a sense of Christian positivity prevails," the professor in tweed jacket shows a slide of Marc Chagall who paints in parabolas with waves of blue, the horse ascending the slope towards the yellow rays of the sunlight, where two breasts symbolize growth in symmetrical curves which intersect a plane drawn as two cones parallel to the perspective of the lady of letters, while a projectile is deflected away from the outer aspect of vision towards the broad mountain peaks.

The gentleman in black velvet jacket gazes at the dancers before the railing, as he perceives the eroticaction * pencildrawing * lightpatterns focused on the facial features which transform into a color palette extending into the white pages of the innovative novel.
He envisions a Surrealist narrative about an unzipped topless beauty who is driving across the states with her long brown hair flowing into the map of the inland seas / while reading the ideational notions of the literary writhings of the Beatle, who from no(ta)tions of the concrete shurreality of the ideal nature of the paperback rider, admires the pictorial prose of the model / milking the cow he wrote of adventures that summarize his life, as the admiration for the Bahama bikini figure transformed his thoths into a synopsis of the erotic, John Lennon published his eccentric storybook for the reader of worlds which were ponderous," the student with long brown hair reads an excerpt from his story before the small gathering with sunlight streaming through the morning expresso moods. 

A kiss to the circular pink form of the nipple signifies affection for the topless figure while the blueness of sky implies admiration with semantic gestures creating esthetic appreciation for the full moon breasted model, who is the personification of desire conveyed in the polite interaction with the gentleman in black velvet jacket. The characters resemble abstract curves of sand metamorphosizing into whitecream * milkjugs * tuftedgenitalia, where the Freudian libido experiences the psychogenesis of love phrased in the squared columns of text which convey the self interacting with the otherness of circumstance: chance meetings to become steady relationships in the plot development of narrative predictability. 

The Surrealist author has the agreeable impression of writing 200 pages per minute, as if in a dream while the paper flows from the printing press into a stack of pages which become the novel you are reading. 

The heart ascends to the Eiffel Tower through the light beams which converge on the canvas of the innovative thesis  tonal palette of his esthetic propositions which represent the synthesis of art into a self-portrait of the artist with simple novelistic characterizations, where the narrator represents the previous centuries of noble sentiments before the birth of the modern Surrrealist movement. 

The harpsichordist is playing the Well Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach, as the gentleman in black velvet jacket studies the figurative drawing by André Masson which reveals the golden yellow sunflower / sun disk setting over the Pacific beyond the hot tubs of Esalen the aqua blue expanse inspires the erotic spirit who is encompassing the words of  novelistic thoughts which denote the poetic prose of the Surrealist pipedream. The gentleman in black velvet jacket sees his face in the mirror distorted beyond recognition with a sinister entity looking through his eyes, as if a domestic terrorist were defying his image. The drawings of André Masson reveal a similar theme with the facial expression of one self-portrait looking noticeably troubled. 

Metallic silver exposed to light creates the erotic image on the emulsion, as the Hans Bellmer model poses for the lens of the conscious percipient in a psychic phantasy of art phenomenon. The 21st Century novelist studyies the aspect of the facial expression, which reveals love / beauty gives pleasure to the golden orange glow of the mountain shouldered literary artist whose exceptional persona reveals his expressive visage. Candlelight Surrealism is an exploration of the subjective verging on the metaphysical. 

"The American Revolution parallels that of Europe evolving from the spirit of Harvard psychology through the writings on psychedelics by Timothy Leary. With legalization the aromatic herb creates the Rocky Mountain high, where the innovative novel transcends the monotony of existence with a heightened awareness of visuality creating an insight into the selfhood of character, the heightened emotions of the dance, and subjective word variations in the cityscape of the future," the professor in gray tweed jacket shows a slide of a psychedelic lightshow with the pulsating colors which resemble cellular life.

"The Fifty Year Sword brings out the precise characterization of the dialogue with the magic simultaneity of thought, while a conductor directs out attention towards the spoken word which reveals the subtle nuances of meaning transformed into the focused intensity of the spotlights, Mark Z. Danielewski brings his words to life with the group reading experience," the professor in gray tweed jacket projects a slide image of the reading to the class, who show some enthusiasm for the experiment in prose expression.

The gentleman in black velvet jacket reads Blow Up by Julio Cortazar which features a photographer writing nonsense phrases. Robert Desnos.

David Detrich lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he has just completed The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending, an ultramodern Surrealist novel written in minimal squares. He is working on Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography, a monumental Surrealist novel written with innovative typographical design. His first novel Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights (2001) is available from Amazon. He edits Innovative Fiction Magazine and Surrealist Star Clustered Illuminations.

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