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Polysemantic Brush Strokes of Garden Green under Gray Clouds of Synchronicity

Metafiction by 
David Detrich                                                         

H is an innovative novel written in unpunctuated prose that sets the trend for contemporary avant garde fiction read under gray clouds of synchronicity today at the Crystal Falls library with the logging trucks rolling by inspired by the use of a continuous series of words which are grouped into polysemantic phrases the red heart of the abstract female figure transforming into sky blue textures that involve multiple nuances of meaning white moving trucks streaked across the blacktop a novel written at the time of the May 1968 Paris demonstrations where the street theatre of supermodel phantasms evolves into the fine brushwork of a Salvador Dali painting with the red brick facade becoming an illusory western town a literary work which transcends the synchronous reality of the nouveau roman in a clear pure flow of phrases reminiscent of bubbling pink champagne froth Philippe Sollers has written innovative novels that exist in potential as happenings of language that become part of an inter(text)ual consciousness Arditti quartet golden sunlight focused on the modern desk in the living room August cloud formations a mild front rolling in on feathery white winged brushwork 

"Here's a novel written in unpunctuated prose that flows like a stream of cool water with deep orange oxide shades of intensity on the terraced rocks of the mirrored brook reflecting the consciousness of historical time qua the Irish mythopoetic nobility now become the people's literature written in a series of words which create a mossy green linear polysemantic composition," the abstract painterly form of the avant gardener appears as an outline of intense blue colorations juxtaposed to the chalky white pages of the novel H which appear with clarity in the northern light 

"An innovative novel written in phrases that are free from the logic of linear punctuation increases the semantic complexity of language which reveals the creative potential of the word imagery with a multiplicity of meanings which reverberate through the mind of the multiple characterizations of the garden crew with the intertextual allusive intensity of the artisan phrased metatext," the time lapse blue textured figure of the novelist appears in a sequence of abstract dried flowers as he begins to read the text to himself before the round table gathering of the garden crew relaxing within the large architectural structure of the facility which at one time appeared to be a squared castle with identical flowers growing in front of the peaked walls a scene etched into stone focused in the direct northern sunlight

tragedy for the alighieri and sollers echo of the surname of ulysses sollus whole intact ars ingenious terrain worker fertile lyrae sollers science of the lyre daydreaming fifteen years beach winter taking care as coincidentally gonorrhoea building desert running in the dunes scent of pines underneath the branches
                                                            Philippe Sollers

"H fascinates the mind with the freer form of Abstract Expressionist prose creating word clusters of historical signification while playing upon the complexity of a larger semantic structure that expands the timeframe of the narration back into relevant scenes from previous centuries of the Enlightenment," the green plant shaped gentleman whose stalklike arms are similar in shape to the branching of neuron spines is seen gardening in the fine visual charcoal black earthy brown of brush strokes which form a symmetrical pattern of fine delineations 

"H by Philippe Sollers sets the trend for the innovative fiction of the early 70s written from the perspective of 1776 when the constitutions of France and the United States of America were envisioned as an idealized form of government having evolved from the philosophical writings of John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu with rights for the people and freedom of expression," the novelistic painterly form is wearing his blue velvet jacket with silver buttons reflecting the spirit of romanticism with a wave of long brown hair flowing back into the reciprocal consciousness of other minds

demonstrative or meditative what's at stake is no longer one body but billions in the current sombreness let's cast here our blossoms and let's smoke in order to regain the testimonies they say that theology was immediately perfectly strange to him
                                                            Philippe Sollers

the moment of reading may exist on a chronological line that extends forward in time to the 21st Century where the Upper Peninsula outdoorsman is gardening in the golden glow of the early September sunlight as a likemindedness with the innovative novelist creates a series of parallel themes which generate a close reading with precise understanding for the spirit of American freedom to prevail as a properly aligned intelligent approach to living 

we're in 1790 and the anecdotes arrive fairly quickly a small chamber during the thirty-six years with evolution towards catatonia dementia praecox exaggerated politeness unceasing volubility stereotypes your childish replies always negative the majority of sounds inarticulate unintelligible
                                                            Philippe Sollers

the perceptive mind of the European author will plan a defense for the fellow novelist while his American counterparts are non-committal with a low level of dialogue while the warm breezes of August remind the landscape crew of the back-to-school ambiance of a return to intellect from a non-dualistic perspective to defend the right to privacy of the innovative reader from an invasive force

"The narrator of H creates a new genre of novel writing called a summary storm in a teacup referring to the personal mythology of Arshile Gorky whose title for the painting Study for Summation suggests a summary of his earlier work while phrases like the freedom of atoms refers to the painting The Maximum Speed of Raphael’s Madonna by Salvador Dali. H approaches the esthetic theories of Surrealism from an individualistic Tel Quel perspective influenced by the formalism of the Nouveau Roman with the unpunctuated prose verging on the polysemantic wordplay of The Burial of the Count of Orgaz and other poems by Pablo Picasso," the relaxed abstract form of the book reviewer whose multidimensional mind is composed of significant passages of innovative prose considers the modern art references of the text which create an art conscious genre for the avant garde novel which parallels the mental imagery of Surrealism and modern art

"The literary scholars of Prague have set the trend for literary publishing with Equus Press leading the way in the translation of H a key work of the French avant garde novel which exemplifies philosophical and Abstract Expressionist esthetic theories from the experimental decade of the 70s and reads today as a significant step in the development of the unpunctuated text which evolved from a pre-existing model the Molly Bloom chapter found at the end of the monumental Ulysses by James Joyce," the theoretical construct of the narrative perspective relaxes on the black love seat  which creates a symmetrical composition of elk antlers black bear and fish designs while the Musepaper interview with David Vichnar is heard disseminating from the speakers in wavelengths of audible sound across the sunlit room enlivened with the green shades of plantlife

an open field in all directions stars motion reply 1543 of revolutionibus orbium coelestium the dove returns with the sailors catagogy it's called sense of reflection for the sounds the voices or story dictionary
                                                           Philippe Sollers

the Latin language extending back to the austere olive green castle wall with a large wooden door that appears as an apparition once a year based on the precise angle of light when the chalky gray tones of the dovelike abstract form of the black velvet gentleman returns to the story dictionary a new genre of fiction where the timeframe extends in an infinite regress of intellectual phantasms back to the hilltop castle with moat as the glacier descends over the valley extending southward to the city of Ypsilanti

"The gothic style of the innovative novel is perfect in its cathedral echoed enunciation with the European awareness of monarchy creating the nobility of the monumental book which seeks to realize the esthetic ideals of the visible text for the 21st Century American innovative novel envisioned in relation to his own novel-in-progress which is written while reading through the time lapse series of magnified pages encompassing the Philippe Sollers paperback," the fellow novelist at his desk under the dark tones of the winter starlight turns to the work of the philosophers at the end of each day finding a line of development from Spinoza to Wittgenstein to Sollers in his study of the phenomenology of sensual experience and the esthetics of the fine art novel-as-philosophical-text

the colour of water and the colour of its container radiated point of contact libido viscosity iron is attracted by magnet but it has neither form nor figure that's why it looks like itself and nothing like the rest and that is the difference between the alike and unlike that makes likeness my oh my how unintelligible enigmatic you are
                                                            Philippe Sollers 
"H creates an awareness of class taking the more democratic position of the people's literature where punctuation has given way to the longer sentence structure contrasting with the formal abstraction of my own novel The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending which has become more abstract not only in the Hegelian sense but as modern art abstraction," reading H at the laundry the abstract gray white form of the dove in western shirt  transforms into a cloud formation above the sloping green trees of the ascending forest layered with a light powdery snow while he  notices that the narrator of H is perfecting the subtlety of his prose the unpunctuated text envisioned as a series of concrete allusions which portray the double subjectivity 

i can't stop dreaming about it a super-successful case of a total incomprehension and still you can't forget that if you look at it calmly ever since after-frost has mellowed it seems to you clear as day without obstacles listen how he's going there now the heroes are dead the islands of love are no longer recognisable
                                                            Philippe Sollers

the complimentary perspective of the narrator introduces the theme of the super-successful young man who has triumphed over literary disruptions while approaching world peace in a naive state of ongoing chatterbox humor while the European writer shows advanced attitudes in law and the defense of human rights which makes the reading of H not only the creation of a new model for the innovative novel but also a step towards responsible behavior for the world community

"The precise lettering of the novel becomes a sequence of painterly images which reveal the semantic play of phrases crystallized in the sunlight focused on the rectangular form of the white canvaslike textures of the paperback which enhance the esthetic appreciation for the innovative novel which is perceived as a masterful work with the subtlety of concrete particulars suggesting a novelistic sequence of visual phenomenon," the ardent mind of the abstract textured figure in vibrant blue scarf and black ski band admires the paperback novel while he savors the aroma of artisan bread fresh from the oven in a time lapse photographic lensing which magnifies the sensual qualities of northern surreality

A work exists by itself only potentially, and its actualization (or production) depends on its readings and on the moments at which these readings actively take place.
                                                           Philippe Sollers

the conclusion of the summer season occurs on the final warm day of August as the tall abstract structural arrangement of the idealist physique in the symmetrical composition of blue Levi shirt heatwave ambiance begins his new part time career of trading options as the philosophical question is posed does each reader envision the same novel when reading H so that the phenomenology of the literary text reveals the art esthetic of the narrator interpreted by the reader who may voice objections to the text suggesting that the ideas and images implied by the text are not possible in his or her own mind

the reader can develop a more sophisticated perspective by learning how to read and interpret the innovative text with esthetic pleasure by mastering the formula of the innovative novel  Philippe Sollers used an arbitrary structure in Nombres (1968) where (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) squared = 100 which produced a numerical structure similar to the Tractus Logico Philosophicus (1922) by Ludwig Wittgenstein where the incomplete sentences of Nombres represent propositions about narrative reality which are close to phenomenological perception creating an abstract composition which is based on a formal logic of the continuing sentence which expands even further into an infinite sentence in H which is written in avant garde lower case lettering so that the converging lines of multiple writers of avant garde novels create a meta-text that include myself and James Joyce with his novel Finnegans Wake (1939) which has numerous allusions to innovative novelists

The unmistakable identity of the persons in the Tiberiast duplex came to light in the most devious ways. The original document was in what is known as Hanno O'Nonhanno's unbrookable script, that is to say, it showed no signs of punctuation of any sort.
                                                           Finnegans Wake
                                                           James Joyce

Written in unpunctuated prose the unbrookable text of H means a text that reveals the consciousness of a narrator who considers historical themes while mentioning romance rarely creating a contrast to those who write Surrealist erotica in a modern art context like my own novels The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending and Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography a monumental novel-in-progress which is a brookable text from start to finish in the sense of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake Roland Barthes introduced the theme of the pleasure of the text which is a key concept in innovative fiction that reminds us that a novel is meant to be enjoyed by the reader for a sense of esthetic pleasure

If I read this sentence, this story, or this word with pleasure, it is because they were written in pleasure...
                                                          The Pleasure of the Text
                                                          Roland Barthes

Roland Barthes considers the novels of Philippe Sollers in The Pleasure of the Text (1975) where he introduces the genre of the erotic innovative novel which creates a contrast between the objective prose of the Nouveau Roman and the novels and philosophy of Tel Quel with subjective descriptions of abstract eroticism in the brookable text defined as an imaginary landscape with a brook where one can have erotic fantasies the season changes once again from fall into winter with the snowfall intensifying the landscape into a brilliant powdery white surface of snow crystals similar to the confection sugar on brownies and chocolate cake as the abstract brushwork of the oil painted reviewer writing before a kerosene lamp to warm his hands while relaxing into an increased intellectuality after the end of his labors 

the scene of writing having become the peaceful interior winterscape of creativity where H by Philippe Sollers represents the creative spirit fulfilling its esthetic ideals metamorphosizing from simple sentences structures into the more complex infinite sentence written with unpunctuated prose that expresses the historical consciousness of the European mind looking ahead from 1776 to the present decade of Paris news which reveals the good hearted society of music nightclubs and coffee shops disrupted by domestic terror H by Philippe Sollers suggests that we should be living up to the cultural ideals set by the previous centuries while exploring innovative formulas for the novel

David Detrich lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he has just completed The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending, an ultramodern Surrealist novel written in minimal squares. He is working on Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography, a monumental Surrealist novel written with innovative typographical design. His first novel Big Sur Marvels & Wondrous Delights (2001) is available from Amazon. He edits Innovative Fiction Magazine, and Surrealist Star Clustered Illuminations.

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